Desktop Integration

Choose how you would like your part data delivered.


Dropbox – {{dropboxUserName}}

Must have Dropbox access.

Direct Download

Download through browser. Requires PartQuest integration utility.

Download Configuration

Configure your download preferences

Property Mapping

Map property names for download. Learn more.
Please select a flow to use this feature


Configure your download partitions

Custom Symbols

Configure your preferences for symbol generation.

Symbol Creator

Configure your preferences for generation of your custom symbol content.

Default Flow

Select which flow you’d like to use as the default when downloading part data.

PADS Maker and MakerPro Editions

PADS Netlist with xDX Databook

Download PartQuest to PADS integration utility

PADS Netlist without xDX Databook

Download PartQuest to PADS integration utility

PADS Professional

Download PartQuest to PADS Professional integration utility

PADS Integrated

Download PartQuest to PADS Integrated integration utility


Download PartQuest to Xpedition integration utility

My Parts & Projects

PartQuest not only allows you to find and download parts data—it also helps you keep track of parts, create custom projects, and add EDA Symbols for use within Mentor Graphics software.

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